Production of cider, wine (including fruit flavored wines) and beer is plentiful in Cornwall. This is because of the ideal weather and flourishing vineyards and orchards. High quality spring water is abundant in the region, which is essential for the production of spirits.

The sparkling wine “Camel Valley Brut ‘Cornwall’ – 1999”, was served to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to Cornwall in June 2000.

Mead is a honey wine closely associated with Celts. Mead production has been a staple of Cornish activities for eons. It is arguably the first alcoholic beverage created. It is mentioned in “Beowulf” and was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The term “honeymoon” has a direct connection with mead: when a couple was married, they would drink mead for the month after the wedding. This was supposed to help produce a baby boy.