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The Celtic Regions

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Celtic culture began to develop as early as 1200 BC. "Celtic" denotes a people who are descended from one of the current Celtic regions on the western extremities of Europe. Each of these regions, throughout the centuries, has retained much of its indigenous culture and distinctive language.

The Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society celebrates the history, culture, arts and sciences of these Celtic regions:

  • ASTURIAS (ancient name: Asturias) is a prehistoric land as the many cave paintings illustrate and was inhabited by the Iron-age Celtic tribes who fought off the Romans and the Moors. It lies between the region of Galicia and Cantabria.

  • BRITTANY (ancient name: Breizh), on the northwest coast of France 

  • CORNWALL (ancient name: Kernow), the most westerly county in England 

  • GALICIA is on the northwest coast of Spain. With its green hills and rainy climate it is reminiscent of the British Isles. 

  • IRELAND (ancient name: Eire), comprised of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 

  • ISLE OF MAN (ancient name: Mannin), is part of the British Isles, but not part of the United Kingdom 

  • SCOTLAND (ancient name: Alba) includes over 750 islands in its domain 

  • WALES (ancient name: Cymru) is the Celtic region which has most successfully retained its native language. (In 1982 the first entirely Welsh language television channel began broadcasting.)

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