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Celtic Marketplace

Celtic Coolers

Stay cool with our fun Celtic Cooler!
On a hot day there's nothing like havine a refreshing Celtic Cooler wrapped around your neck.

celtic cooler - richard

Celtic Coolers come in the following patterns:

  • Lucky Shamrock
  • Celtic Pirate
  • Red Plaid
  • Blue Plaid
  • Black Celestial
  • Patriotic Red

celtic cooler patterns

Simply soak in water for 30 minutes and wear. Let dry thoroughly when finished.

ONLY $5.00 each
plus shipping
Celtic Coolers


Regimental Validators

The Official Kilt Check Tool

regimental validator

Part Jewelry + Part Practical = ALL FUN!

Comes in Silver and Gold

Only $10 each
plus shipping
 “Check it out”

Regimental Validators

All the proceeds from the sales of merchandise in the Celtic Marketplace go towards providing scholarships for Celtic studies!

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